Research and Creative Process
A publication containing the research that inspired the project. Includes case studies, personal anecdotes, interviews, sketches, and co-design methods implemented such as cultural design probes to gather inspiration and information for the Little Brown Box.


Additional Texts & Information
One of the first steps to decolonizing oneself is to be conscious of one’s history and the current colonial attitudes that continue to be perpetuated, both towards and by the individual. Below is a list of readings used in researching this project that aim to provide more context and information on the topic of colonial mentality.
Desmond R. Morente
Tackles the homogenization of Filipinos as Asians in North America and its effects on Filipinos’ perceptions of themselves. This case study helps the reader understand the struggles specific to the Filipinos as an unseen class, which ultimately contributes to their internalized colonial mentality and cultural shame.
Maris Cay Gabornes
This is a firsthand account of a Filipino, a simplified crash course on Philippine colonization and its effects today to make the message clearer to those who are not necessarily Filipino or excluded from these conversations.

Frank Shyong
Explains the social, political, and postcolonial aspects of this iconic Filipino tradition (gift box).

Alex Tizon
A modern day story of slavery, a practice in rich Filipino households in the Philippines in the context of abuse against Overseas Filipino Workers. This article received both great praise and criticism, with criticism mostly coming from Westerners who have no context of the history of colonization in the Philippines, and Tizon brings to light the social forces at play that highlight the disparity between classes and culture.